Hannah’s Bob Tway Interview

Golf: for some it’s a passion, for other it’s an individual sport, and for several it’s a family affair. For Bob Tway, golf is all three of these things.

As soon as he could hold a golf club, Tway was coached in the game by both his grandfather and father. He played a variety of other sports growing up, but found himself enthralled with golf alone.

“I loved the aspect of team sports, but being alone on the golf course was just more natural to me,” he confesses. “You know you’ve caught the bug when your parents have to go out to the golf course nine hours after you went there to get you for dinner.”

Although he was once the one wandering around the course instead of eating a family meal, after he introduced golf to his son, Kevin, he soon became the one searching as opposed to being searched for. Not that he protests, of course.

“He had fallen in love, I knew it the first time he wasn’t home from the course by the time we told him he had to be,” explains Tway. “Now he’s playing as an amateur golfer and I couldn’t be more thrilled.”

With all the men for four generations playing golf on Tway’s side of the family, life can get pretty hectic sometimes. Between Tway’s golf schedule and his son’s golf schedule, finding a couple hours for a little family time is hard work. But even when he’s on vacation, he never finds himself far from the game.

“My son and I always end up playing golf wherever we go- be it a major family trip or a weekend outing,” laughs Tway. “We take time off from golf to go play golf!”

With all this golf playing, one might think that Tway has mastered the competition. He, however, thinks differently.

“I’ve been playing for fifty years of my life, and I still have bad golf days,” says Tway. “That’s one of the things that’s so great about it- there’s always something for you to learn.”

He’s stated he’s no master on the golf course, but he’s sure a professional. And no one can deny that he’s a master at combining his work, his love, and his family.

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