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Tuesday, August 17 – Pro-Am Championship presented by TOTEM Steel

Although it was the third time for me walking the Crosswater Golf Course at the Pro-Am Championship, it was definitely a day I will never forget. Having the opportunity to meet John Cook, one of the biggest names on the Champions Tour was a pleasure, and for him to take a few minutes to talk with me as we strolled down 11 fairway was a true honor.

The two of us discussed the latest news of the JELD-WEN Tradition possibly ending its partnership with the PGA TOUR and moving the tournament to a course elsewhere.  Cook expressed his appreciation for Crosswater, saying that the “beauty and the surroundings of the course makes you feel comfortable” and that the professionals “all like coming (here),” but that he is disappointed that this is probably the last year at this course.

It’s neat to hear that even though these Champions Tour players play in dozens of tournaments annually, they still can’t wait to come out to the great northwest and compete over at Crosswater Golf Course.

Cook also emphasizes the importance of the sponsors who contribute millions of dollars toward making this tournament possible; “What we do is because of them. Without them, non of this would be possible.” Cook also went on to say that he and several other Tour players show their appreciation for these corporate sponsors by showing those who participate in the pro-am a good time.

Cook says that the Pro-Am Championship during the week of the Tradition is one of the more rewarding things he gets to do because he’s able to express his knowledge of the game to amateurs and watch them excel.  He also notes that he still keeps in contact with some of the amateurs that he’s met over the years and has established many friendships because of this.

The JELD-WEN Tradition may never return to Oregon, but I’m sure we can all reminisce over the wonderful times we’ve had at Crosswater.

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