Robbie’s Bob Tway Interview

For Champions Tour professional Bob Tway, golf isn’t just a job; it’s a passion. Tway got hooked on the game at the age of five and forty-six years later he’s still hard at work.

On a day when he’s not competing in tournament play, Tway wakes up early to lift weights and then heads to the course to hit balls and work on his short game.  It’s a typical 9-5 day but Tway enjoys every minute of it. He says, “I love getting up in the morning, excited to go to work. I’m never not wanting to go out because, for me, golfing is the best job in the world.”

Tway not only exhibits a strong passion for golf, but also acts as a solid role model for the youth, helping younger players improve their game.

While on the Crosswater driving range, in front of the hundreds of kids who showed up for NIKE Golf Junior Day, Tway explained the importance of not taking golf too seriously, “We’ve got to remember that golf is just a game. Sometimes even us Tour professionals get too serious about it. You’ve got to make sure to have a good time.”

Tway gave some key pointers to the junior golfers on how to establish a fundamentally sound golf swing. He later showcased his talent by bombing three 285-yard drives right down the middle of the practice range.

A phenomenal golfer, Tway also has a solid reputation on Tour and is often found in attendance at his son’s matches.

After the conclusion of the JELD-WEN Tradition, Tway says that he’s planning on flying back home to Edmond, Oklahoma, where he will be caddying for his son, Kevin, in a collegiate tournament.

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One Response to Robbie’s Bob Tway Interview

  1. laurie says:

    Great to have the perspective of high school students of this event. Great job!

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