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Men who participate in the male part of pas de deux, a type of ballet that features the man lifting the woman, are often encouraged to take pointe classes to see what it’s like from the ballerina’s point of view. That way, they are able to put themselves in their partners’ small, very hard shoes, enabling them to work better as a team.

Professional golfers are not frequently told to take ballet classes, but working as the other part of a golfing team is often done to both humble the players and experience the other side of the game. This is why so many golfers have also been caddies.

Senior pro golfers in particular are perfect candidates for caddying. They are extremely familiar with the game, having it as their profession and all, and also have played many of the courses that they are caddying, making them familiar with which holes require which types of clubs.

They don’t often choose to caddy for just anybody, mainly family members who are up-and-coming on the golf scene. For instance, following the JELD-WEN Tradition Bob Tway is going to caddy for his son, amateur golfer Kevin Tway.

Doing this not only brings them closer as a family, but also helps the professional develop newfound respect for his own caddie. For some, such as Bernhard Langer, respecting their caddie also brings them closer as a family.

Langer’s son, Stefan Langer, has been known to caddie for his dad from time-to-time. When a golfer is away from his family for extended periods of time for his job, having their caddie be a family member is a good way to spend time with their family while bringing home the bacon.

A caddie-golfer relationship is one of the most special bonds in the professional world. They accompany each other to every tournament in a golf season, and the caddie has to be familiar with both the player as well as how he plays. They can stay together for as long as twenty years, longer than the average marriage.

Being a caddie is a good way to be involved in professional golf without the hassle of being famous. While their golfer is getting hoarded for autographs, the caddie can be off on the side conversing with an equally important golfer.

Although many of the players are not actually related to their caddies, the connection they have overpowers the rule that says that people have to have the same blood to be family. Sometimes, family is just those who know you best.

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